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We have multiple ways for you to get in touch with us and get your questions answered about your Ticket Purchases or Merchandise Orders! We take great care with each and every one of our inquiries and we like to place a large emphasis on Customer Service!

 Please remember that we do not send out Paper or QR Code tickets!
When we check your ID at the door. We will provide you with your wristband/credentials.

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Can a Person Under the Age of 21 Attend the Show?

We require guests that are under 21 years of age to purchase a VIP ticket in order to attend the show.
Underage Consumption of Alcohol is always an ongoing task for us to combat at The Hochatown Saloon. Therefore, we need to place guests that are under 21 years of age in areas that they are not able to drink alcohol without our Bar Security noticing. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Will I Receive Paper Tickets or a QR code in the Mail/Email?

No, your ticket purchase is a digital purchase that manifests your name in our systems for that particular show. We do not send paper tickets to your address. We do not send a QR code out to your email. If you ask us about this in Support – we will try to make fun of you for it! So this is your warning! 🙂
If you have a group of 15 or more and wish to skip the door, please let us know by messaging us below. We love to be hospitable and make your night great!

Do you Offer Refunds for Live Music Tickets?

No, our events happen rain or shine. Purchasing your ticket is purchasing your spot at the show and taking that right away from another person who wants to attend. We do not allow refunds prior to or after the show has started. There are no exceptions to this rule.

What is a Weekend Night at The Hochatown Saloon Like?

-We serve some of our last dinner tables around 8PM. This is not a hard time limit – it’s just the time when it usually happens… At this time our Security Team will filter the crowd and check for credentials. If you have not purchased a ticket to our Live Music Event/Show – you will need to do so at this time to remain inside the building. (Need to purchase tickets? Visit our Ticketing Portal here.)
-We move the tables and chairs out of the way and create room for a dance floor. Slowly the music and atmosphere gets louder and more energetic until 10PM when the Live Music kicks off! (If we don’t have live music that night – our DJ will begin playing tracks around this time.)
-2AM is the closing time and the party doesn’t stop until then! 

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